A brother and sister, Roy and Honey, are living their daily routines in a old farm house over looking the city. After the beginning of the end of civilization, a great wind has been blowing for the last seven years. People, water, and food are scarce until a stranger appears one day.




A great cast and crew made the award winning film "The Wind" a real treat and a great time!!


Jim Henry

Jim Henry is an award-winning writer and filmmaker. He has written, produced, co-produced and edited award winning short films as well as adapting novels to screenplays. Jim has a passion for storytelling that spans his life time and in all genres of film. His work ethic for writing and editing is second to none and he does it with a coffee or two or three (dozen). “Let’s do it” is the answer he gives when his cohorts come up with any ideas and that is the answer he gets when he comes up with his many ideas.

Working on the golf course one day, the wind was blowing so hard that the flags were flapping straight out!! I wondered what it would be like to live every day in a wind like that. I added in a little other stuff to make it a little more wild.

The Wind won OSIF's 2016 'Script 2 Screen' and went on to win 'Best Story', '2nd Place Film', 'Best Actress' & 'Best Actor' in 2016 OSIF's Horrorfest!


  •   Kelowna, British Columbia


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